Friday, August 21, 2009

Beginner's Mind - Keep an Art Journal

(click image to make it larger)

I was trying to figure out why these pictures were so compelling to me and looked up a wiki for Self Actualization.

Check it out - it may improve your self talk, self image, self esteem. I may be falling short, but I am on a mighty quest.

The blossoms are from the orchid plant on Carol’s kitchen window sill so they are doubly dear. Silly to try to put dried flowers in an Art Journal or an Altered Book, they are just too fragile. I did it anyway and then spent a week coming up with something to protect them (hopefully). I finally ended up cutting up the shopping bag from Two Hands Paperie, it was the best thing I got there! The problem then is that you cannot actually see the page being protected unless you are there to pick up the covering. I’ll see if I can get another picture with the cover lifted as I think the page itself says a lot.

And here is the real advantage and beauty in keeping an art journal, combining several elements that speak to the real me also gives the world access to the real me. Kind of like standing around with your protective covering lifted up.


  1. I agree, except it is guarded in another way - because the journal closes!
    The shape of your journal is interesting. I always work portrait. I should try one landscape.

  2. Oh Zom,

    Thanks for your comment. I was away and didn't see it come it. This is my first home-made journal and I love it. I have made all the pages different sizes as well as having a landscape format.