Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keep An Art Journal - the Green Way Part III

Keep an
Art Journal – the Green Way Part III

This week is spring break and I was looking for a project for the kids that would be simple enough for a ten year old and not break the bank. So I was looking around for ways to use the recycle bin for the actual art pieces, not just the organization and supplies.

It doesn’t hurt if the project also helps them to learn to be more conscious of the environment.

With all of that in mind I opened up the latest edition of my favorite magazine, Cloth, Paper, Scissors and there right in the front was an article for making the lowly grocery sack into fancy clutch purses! Right now, our ten-year-old girl is making the transition from playing dress up to fashionista - not that big of a transition in reality so the fancy purses looked like a great project.

With the magazine propped up in front of me I followed the instructions diligently. I used up oddly mixed paint, left over Christmas ribbon, odd buttons and the grocery sacks! With a few variations and personal touches I soon had a glitzy little purse. (see below) But really, am I the type to use a glitzy little purse?

To keep an Art Journal (remember?)

Here is where creativity intervenes! I then made my laminated material a little thicker by using more bags and proceeded to put together a killer art journal cover! The grocery sack format fits one of the standard Moleskine journals just right!

I’m not sure of the durability and efficiency of my art pieces. Will the paint chip or crack? Will the plastic split? Will sewing through the paint cause leaks or running paint? Today I will find out. I will fool around with different sizes and uses. The 7 year old (male) wants a camouflage colored glasses case. Maybe I could make cell phone pouches, business card holders, and maybe a reusable coffee cup sleeve.

To make a long story short – I am having a great time and the closet space previously used for recycling grocery sacks has diminished to the point I may need to go to the store.

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