Friday, March 20, 2009

Keep An Art Journal - the Green Way

Posted by PicasaRecycle & Re-use to keep an Art Journal:
Playing in the art world could be a costly habit, especially to keep an art journal,but over time I have developed a strategy;

Spend big money on brushes, paper, paint and classes,
Save everywhere else.

In keeping with this strategy I haunt the thrift stores, rummage through the recycling bin and clip coupons from the Sunday paper. Here are my favorites:

  • Costco Salad boxes are sturdy clear plastic with lids and the Roma Tomato containers are a long slim tray once the lid is cut off. Both make great storage bins.
  • Sometimes Costco also has great deals on pens, papers and storage drawers.
  • Lettuce boxes from other grocery stores are smaller, but also have nice lids and make good storage containers for smaller things like glue sticks or ephemera
  • Large Cottage cheese and Yogurt Cartons – good for holding brushes and water and have many other uses.
  • Large Laundry jug lids and Small yogurt cups – perfect small paint & glue containers.
  • Sleeves for to-go hot drinks – for texture and patterns.
  • Gift wrap that is no longer good enough for presents (especially tissue).

Thrift stores & Garage Sales:
  • Micro-wave muffin ‘tins’ 6 cup indentations great for several paint colors and mixing for a project – one of my best finds, and there are always one or two hidden in the cookware section.
  • Lazy Susans, large and small, good way to keep pens, brushes, punches, scissors and rulers handy.
  • Silk ties for small fabric projects.
  • Dress patterns for collage and art dolls.
  • Blank books - cheap way to start to keep an art journal
  • Always watch for paint brushes.
  • Discarded rug kits, the netting/webbing make great patterns for rubbing or spraying or even adding to a collage.

Sales & Sunday Paper Coupons - I use these when I run out of something essential and more expensive, like acrylic matte medium or gel medium or journals!
  • Michael’s, Jo-Anne’s and Hobby Lobby – most Sundays these Stores have a 40% – 50% off coupon in their advertisements
  • Annual clearance sales at the fancier stores, Meininger’s had a great sale last September, and after the December Holidays, many stores are cleaning up, for space and tax purposes. College bookstores often have a summer sale.
Auctions - boom or bust – you never know - look up auctions for your state on Google when you have time for a weekend jaunt.

The fact remains that I spend a lot of money to keep an art journal, especially on art supplies. I am satisfied though, that I could spend much more if I didn’t watch for bargains and savings. Keep your eyes open!

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