Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Keep an Art Journal as A Survival Tool

Days like this are when my determination to keep an art journal becomes a survival tool, much, much more than recreation, therapy or spiritual practice.

The kids have an extra day off because of teacher conferences YAY YAHOO – except it is snowing - hard. I spent the morning puttering around my art area while they watched cartoons and now the art supplies are in good order for when the giant HO-HUM sets in.

We will practice mixing and using acrylics, our ten year old is developing a real technique and it is great fun watching her daubing, spraying and speckling. This is where my art journaling comes into play. While she works I use her extra paints to prep pages in a couple of my new art journals. No matter how often we do it – we always have extra paint mixed and out. This way I am there to help turn her big wet pages, hand out wipes and admire, without hovering. It is a great opportunity to prepare pages with colors I wouldn’t normally choose myself. It allows a fresh flush of color on as many pages as I care to work up.

When the kids are home for several days, especially in the winter, I can get several layers down on my pages, creating a feeling of depth as well as strengthening the paper. I always have at least two journals going and often three. This helps me keep going – painting journal #2 while #1 dries. I let the pages dry, at least a little, before putting wax paper under and in between because if I put it in too soon it affects the texture pattern and sometimes that isn’t what I want. Sometimes it is.

Now the gray day is turning to evening and suppertime and we have survived the day in great spirits with lots of art to show for it!

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